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Kill ‘em with kindness

Today’s comic from Sinfest is pretty cool: It’s so easy to forget this lesson at times. We as individuals and as Buddhists are barraged with criticism all the time. People insult our faith, insult our view of the world and … Continue reading

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Super-clingy baby!

Wow, something happened a few weeks ago, just before our trip to Victoria BC.* Baby suddenly became very moody and extremely clingy to Mommy. It’s recently gotten worse, not better. Daddy (me) used to give her showers or baths so … Continue reading

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Buddhism, HTML and diacritics

Repositing this reference post since the demise of my previous blog. If you want to impress your friends (or your blog readers…*ahem*) when you talk about Buddhism, why not use some HTML diacritics? You see, most of the Buddhist terms … Continue reading

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Religion and Power

(reposting this since my old blog is gone) I was reading this passage this morning on the bus to work, and got to thinking about Religion and Power, and the paradox behind that. Religion should stand opposite of Power, yet … Continue reading

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Old Celtic Blessing through Buddhist Eyes

Reposting this since I destroyed my old blog. :p This is a celtic blessing I found on an Ireland calendar in my office: May the blessing of light be upon you, Light without and light within. May the blessed sunlight … Continue reading

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Living with 84,000 delusions

The famous Jodo Shinshu poet/writer/sandal maker named Asahara Saichi (浅原才市) once wrote a tiny, cryptic poem: 84,000 delusions 84,000 lights 84,000 joys abounding Speaking from experience, it’s hard sometimes to practice Buddhism without a nagging sense of guilt. We read … Continue reading

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Teaching children reverence in Buddhism

This is my daughter, “Baby”. I took this photo Sunday night after the Hoon-ko Service* this week. She likes to play with the Buddhist rosaries (o-nenju お念珠 in Japanese) we have around the house. Thankfully, most are well-made and can … Continue reading

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Well, starting over again…

I don’t have time to go into it now, but I removed my old blog. The old “Level 8 Buddhist” is gone. I’ve started anew, though I really wish I hadn’t made such a damn rash move in the first … Continue reading

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