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Little Cold, Great Cold

This topic is fitting considering that the weather in Ireland is getting pretty cold by now. Traditionally in Japanese calendars,* you’ll see two days of note in January: daikan (大寒) and shōkan (小寒). These translate to “big cold” and “little … Continue reading

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Part 2: Technical Japanese I wish I had known sooner

This is part two of what might be an ongoing series. As I mentioned in the last post, while studying Japanese on I have been learning technical Japanese more and more, which is helpful for someone like me in … Continue reading

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Baby’s first cavity

My wife and daughter are still in Japan for another month, but they took the opportunity to go take Baby (now 2 years old) to the dentist for a checkup. Turns out she had a cavity. Oh no! The cavity … Continue reading

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Emptying out the tea cup

Speaking of tea, I was reading the writings of Prof. Shigaraki, who’s a scholar and minister of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, better known as “Shin Buddhism”. In the last section of his book on Shin Buddhism, he writes the following: …To … Continue reading

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Remembering Todaiji and Nara

(Dedicated to Tornado and Dai Chi. This is kind of a re-post from the old blog, but heavily revised, and with a lot more pictures.) In Japan’s ancient capitol of Nara (奈良) you can find the massive temple complex of … Continue reading

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Teaching your Mac Japanese

I got this idea from another website, which explained the many silly ways you can make your Mac talk using the say command. After a lot of trial and error one evening after work,* I came up with this tribute … Continue reading

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A beginner’s adventure with tea

The title of this post is a bit of a joke for those who know me well, since I never really drank tea before. I just hated it for some reason. Since moving to Ireland, I noticed that beverages are … Continue reading

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The One-Sheet Document

Today marks the date in Japanese history when the founder of Jodo Shu, or “Pure Land” Buddhism, Hōnen, recorded his last testament, the One-Sheet Document or ichimai-kishōmon (一枚起請文). This occurred in the year 1212. Recently, when I came back from … Continue reading

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Technical Japanese I wish I had known sooner

As the first post in my new blog (Blog 4.0), I find I am already stuck with writer’s block. Ha ha ha. Anyways, while studying the ol’ Japanese iPod lessons yesterday, they covered some very helpful vocabulary with regard to … Continue reading

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Taking a break

Hi all, Just a quick note to let everyone know I am taking a break for a day or two from the blog. Thanks! –Doug

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