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Silly old me

It’s been a good while since I wrote a post on Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, but yesterday I was looking for something else on the Internets when I somehow found a copy of the famous Tannisho, which records some saying by … Continue reading

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The “science” of Kanji, part 1: radicals

This is the first in a series of tips that I hope to pass on while learning kanji. I’ve been preparing for the JLPT certification for a while now, but also trying to master Japanese in general since my wife … Continue reading

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The Five Why’s

Working in large corporations, or even small, growing corporations can be a real challenge. The system gets so large after a while, it’s impossible for any person to understand the system completely, and to know everything that is wrong. So, … Continue reading

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Liturgy Page Update: The Four Bodhisattva Vows

I’ve typed the sōsange hymn in Jodo Shu (the Four Bodhisattva Vows) up in the liturgy section of the Buddhist Texts page. Enjoy!

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(Translation: Forget about it…New York slang) This post is dedicated to Elise, who like me, discovered why religious debates, even among other Buddhists are fraught with peril. I wanted to cheer her up, and by coincidence I found a great … Continue reading

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Me and the Fonzie!

Funny story, but this weekend, while I was at a bookstore in Dublin with the family, I turned around, and there was Henry Winkler himself doing a book-signing! For those who don’t know, Henry Winkler was the actor behind the … Continue reading

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Overcoming Misery

Lately, after a suggestion from Robert at Shiawase, I purchased a copy of Autobiography of a Geisha, by Sayo Masuda. This book paints a very, very different picture of life as a geisha than Mineko Iwasaki’s book Geisha of Gion. … Continue reading

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Spring at Eikando Temple

One of my favorite Buddhist temples in Japan is Eikando Temple in Kyoto,1 which is the head temple of the Seizan branch of Jodo Shu Buddhism. I’ve had a curiosity towards the Seizan branch of Jodo Shu Buddhism and its … Continue reading

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Amida Buddha as the center of one’s life

While looking for another quotation for use in this post (never found it), I discovered this nice little article tucked away on the Jodo Shu Homepage, which continues to be one of my favorite Buddhist websites after all these years. … Continue reading

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The Joys of Buddist Practice

Lately, I’ve been reading a couple books that I have been enjoying. The first is Rev. Kosho Uchiyama’s book Opening the Hand of Thought which provides a nice introduction to Soto Zen, one of three branches of Zen in Japan. … Continue reading

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