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Last Post of 2009

Well, 2009 is nearly over. I spent the first half living in Europe, I spent the second half living in the US. I started with one blog, the “Level 8 Buddhist”, and ended with another one. For most of the … Continue reading

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Relying on the Buddha’s Power

Recently, while studying Japanese yojijukugo on JPod101, I heard a very interesting and all-too-familiar phrase: tarikihongan (他力本願), which means to get by while relying on others. This has a somewhat negative context, but the Buddhist origins behind this phrase mean … Continue reading

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Investing in kagami mochi

Recently they setup a big display for kagami-mochi (鏡餅) at the Uwajimaya Japanese import store near work. I often stop by there for banking or culinary needs, as well as getting study material for the JLPT in the Kinokuniya store … Continue reading

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Peace and Happy Holidays!

Hello Everyone, In the spirit of peace and goodwill in the world on this day, allow me to quote the words of Shinran the founder of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism from a letter he wrote to a disciple on trial in … Continue reading

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Words of Rennyo II

Another quotation of the famous Jodo Shinshu Buddhist, Rennyo, from the book Buddha’s Wish for the World, which I wanted to share. As with a previous post, this comes from a text of sayings attributed Rennyo, called the goichidai kikigaku … Continue reading

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Recap of Shichigosan

Recently I blogged about the Japanese festival of Shichigosan, which happens in mid-November to mid-December. This is a kind of coming-of-age ceremony for children, celebrating their health, and hoping the Shinto kami will continue to look out for them. Sadly, … Continue reading

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Kanji at Kiyomizudera

I found this story recently on the Asahi Shimbun newspaper and thought it was interesting. The abbot of the famous Kiyomizudera Temple is drawing the kanji “shin” 新 which just means “new“. This is related to the efforts by the … Continue reading

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JLPT: New Specifications Online

Having just finished taking the JLPT 3 recently, I was eager to begin studying for the level 2 exam next year (or the year after), when my fellow blogger ロバート over at Shiawase UK had a great write-up on the … Continue reading

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A Buddhist Christmas 2009

In the past I wrote a lot of posts about Buddhism and Christmas, even making up some amusing fake Buddhist sutras related to Christmas. I’ve had a little fake Christmas Bodhi Tree too: But this year I am admittedly very … Continue reading

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Issa Haiku in Japanese

Similar to my recent streak of posts on Japanese haiku poetry by Basho, I wanted to post some haiku poetry in Japanese by another famous poet named Kobayashi Issa (小林一茶). Where Basho is frequently associated with Zen Buddhism, Issa was … Continue reading

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