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Buddhism and Okinawa

Okinawa and the Ryukyu Kingdom is the subject of this week’s posts and one subject that interests me in particular is the interaction of Okinawan religion and Buddhism. While reading Kerr’s book, the subject of Buddhism comes up relatively late … Continue reading

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Okinawa: Center of Asian Trade

From time to time, I read Professor Kerr’s classic about the History of Okinawa. For such a thick book, it’s surprisingly interesting and readable. But I also have a passionate interest in island cultures too, so perhaps I am just … Continue reading

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Got to go sometime

I have to admit lately I’ve been getting kind of depressed. Not the kind of depression that comes and goes after a bad day or bad week, but an awareness that I am getting older and my life is going … Continue reading

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Tales of a Buddhist Workaholic

I realized recently that I am a workaholic. People at work have told me from time to time but I laugh it off. I guess I am afraid that if I don’t work hard, others will notice. Call it pride … Continue reading

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Travel Tips for Disneyland

Hi all, Recently, we came back from a trip to Disneyland (our second in two years). It was quite a bit of fun, but of course, too short. However, I wanted to pass along some travel tips to folks who … Continue reading

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Disaster Planning, some advice

I read this article in the Asahi Shinbun, I was struck by this quotation by Fumiya Tanabe, a former senior researcher affiliated with the government: “In resolving serious accidents like those (at the Fukushima plant), it is a cardinal rule … Continue reading

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Fireworks in Japan

Summer evenings are a great time to go outdoors, enjoy good food and lots of fireworks. But I am not talking about the US, I am talking about Japan. Fireworks have been an important tradition in Japan long before the … Continue reading

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Mulan and My Daughter

My daughter loves Disney Princesses as you can see: This is my daughter and I playing with Disney Princess figurines together. Her favorite princess changes from time to time, though lately it is Princess Aurora (e.g. Sleeping Beauty) But among … Continue reading

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Ōoku: the Shogun’s Harem

Speaking of popular subjects for Japanese historical dramas, another popular topic is the famous Ōoku (大奥) which was the inner sanctum of the harem of the Tokugawa Shoguns. I like to think of it as the “Women of the Tokugawa … Continue reading

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Taking the “Buddha Quiz”

A few nights ago, while trying to search for the lyrics to a certain Arashi song online,1 I stumbled upon this website and its Buddhism Quiz. The quiz is part of a promotional campaign about the life of Shakyamuni Buddha, … Continue reading

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