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Recycling in Japan: A How-To Guide

So here’s something I learned the hard way. When I last visited Japan and stayed at my wife’s parents’ home1 and I wanted to help around the house since I eat all their food, and create a load of laundry … Continue reading

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Racism in the 21st Century, old habits die hard

(Another sad example in history when two tribes have clashed and caused needless loss of life) I am a happy follower of actor LeVar Burton on Twitter,1 and recently he posted an interesting article about the movie Hunger Games. Not … Continue reading

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Japanese Names Through The Ages

Recently, the Japan Times had an interesting article about how names have changed in Japan to reflect the times. For example, if a new Emperor ascended the throne, many kids would have names that included kanji from the Emperor’s reign … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Buddhist Liturgy Book

This is another post to celebrate the Ohigan holiday. When I flew to Japan recently, I bought a small notebook at the airport gift shop: It was an impulse purchase; I don’t know why I bought it, but it looked … Continue reading

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Need Some Focus

Hunchback of Chu: “…No matter how huge heaven and earth, or how numerous the ten thousand things, I’m aware of nothing but cicada wings. Not wavering, not tipping, not letting any of the other ten thousand things take place of … Continue reading

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Spring Ohigan 2012: A Look At Its Founder

Once again, we come the twice-yearly Buddhist holiday of Ohigan, which falls on or around the Spring and Fall equinoxes. Instead of the usual sermon, I thought it would be interesting to look at the lives of the man (and … Continue reading

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Hats for Jizo: A Japanese Buddhist Tale

Note: One day last month, my wife asked me to help translate a Japanese children’s book into English for a presentation at my daughter’s pre-school. It is a famous old tale (mukashi-banashi 昔話) in Japan. This is my completed translation, … Continue reading

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Ashes to Ashes

Over on my other, smaller blog, I’ve been writing about women poets from the Hyakunin Isshu, and I recently posted a poem by the famous Lady Izumi, or Izumi Shikibu as she’s called in Japanese. She was a very passionate … Continue reading

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Thank You

For all those who recently visited our blog recently regarding this post, my five year old daughter wanted to say “thank you” for all the nice comments about her drawing. This is what she typed: I. Love. You. Tygyfgydfyttytryygdtrdrfttg fyygdgrghyggggugvgxg … Continue reading

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Why Did I Get Married Again?

Furthermore, a man and a woman hasten to be united, like iron particles attracted by a magnet….Although man and wife may love each other, they do not know the nature of their love….Their union is comparable to someone meeting another … Continue reading

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