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Blog Updates

Hi all, Just to give some quick updates: I am flying out to Japan on Monday, US time. I will be there for 3 weeks, and have very few plans other than some rest, and a lot of peaceful temple … Continue reading

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Sorry Guys

I’ve decided to remove a post I made last night. Truth is, I just don’t like to post on controversial subjects if I don’t have to. I just don’t like to fight with people, or stir up resentment. Instead, I … Continue reading

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Remembering the Fallen

It’s a bit late for Memorial Day in the US, but I wanted to write this anyway. I still play the game Halo: Combat Evolved at home using Linux (via WINE emulator), and there’s always one scene I remember. It’s … Continue reading

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Congrats to Nembutsu Postcard Winners!

Hi Everyone, I’m posting this a bit late (preparations for camping trip took longer than expected), but I wanted to say congrats to Danny C. and Marc who both won the nembutsu post-card contest I posted about last saturday! Both … Continue reading

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Been feeling pretty jaded for a couple months now. I think this is also partly related to my recent post about not having any real accomplishments in my life. At first, I thought the problem was that I just needed … Continue reading

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Recycling in Japan: A How-To Guide

So here’s something I learned the hard way. When I last visited Japan and stayed at my wife’s parents’ home1 and I wanted to help around the house since I eat all their food, and create a load of laundry … Continue reading

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Racism in the 21st Century, old habits die hard

(Another sad example in history when two tribes have clashed and caused needless loss of life) I am a happy follower of actor LeVar Burton on Twitter,1 and recently he posted an interesting article about the movie Hunger Games. Not … Continue reading

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Thank You

For all those who recently visited our blog recently regarding this post, my five year old daughter wanted to say “thank you” for all the nice comments about her drawing. This is what she typed: I. Love. You. Tygyfgydfyttytryygdtrdrfttg fyygdgrghyggggugvgxg … Continue reading

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Playing Around With The Title

Hi guys, Just a quick word. I mentioned a while back I wanted to update the title of the blog to match the content. I’ve been revisiting the subject lately, and am experimenting with different ideas. If you see the … Continue reading

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Timeboxing for Fun and For Profit

As I mentioned in my last post, I am great a devising projects, and terrible at follow through. This includes blogging, language studies (Japanese and Korean), Buddhist practice (e.g. nembutsu, meditation, etc), among many other things. The problem is always … Continue reading

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