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Exploring Kim Jong-Il’s death through language

Reader “Jonathan”, an old friend, linguist and blog reader, emailed me this article recently. The article shows how newspaper headlines in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea all announced Kim Jong-Il’s death using different Chinese characters, or Chinese-based words.1 In the … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Numbers

While learning both Japanese and Korean, I have noticed an interesting tendency to have two different number systems: a “native” number system and a Chinese-imported one. In some contexts the native system is used, and in some contexts the Chinese-imported … Continue reading

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Language and Liturgy in Buddhism

I recently read an interesting article today on Yahoo News about the recently changed liturgy in the Roman Catholic Church and thought it was very interesting. In my younger years, I had a brief interest in Catholicism, sat in a … Continue reading

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The “science” of Kanji, part 5: stroke order matters

I wanted to end the week on a lighter note, so I thought this would be a nice topic to discuss. So, I have bad handwriting. Really bad handwriting. I remember being 6 years old, and having to practice writing … Continue reading

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Chinese Pinyin in HTML Ascii

A long time ago, I wrote a page about how to correctly display Sanskrit, Pali and Buddhist terms with diacritics in HTML. Compared to older methods, using HTML and extended ASCII codes is a much better, more portable method once … Continue reading

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