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Reading Irish Gaelic, expanded

Having lived in Ireland for more than a month, I’ve become more adjusted to all the signs that read English and Irish Gaelic, or “Irish” as its called here. I think they call it Irish to distinguish it from other … Continue reading

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Dublin Weather, Cathedrals and Illnesses

What a week here in Dublin. The week started out pretty normal, but then Baby got sick with a bad throat, viral infection a couple days ago. She’s been very volatile and clingy to mom, such that Mom can’t basically … Continue reading

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Day Three in Dublin

Well, the last few days have been quite a challenge to adapt to a new life in Ireland, but we’ve made many good inroads, thanks to plenty of information on the Internet, and helpful relocation consultants who’ve helped with immigration … Continue reading

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Irish is the hard!

Being a nerd* for languages, I felt that I should brush up on Irish Gaelic, or Irish as the locals call it, in preparation for my business trip to Dublin. It’s not that I really need to know it, but … Continue reading

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