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Language Studies: Keep It Simple, Stupid

Recently I was inspired by this website, which shows how to learn Welsh language. Welsh is a language I don’t know anything about, but the page’s offer provided very simple solutions to learn the language. The first one that struck … Continue reading

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My First Interview

Hi all, I’ve been honored to have been interviewed by a reader recently on this blog. The interview is here. I don’t have a lot of juicy, interesting things to talk about, no secret children, no wild parties, or anything … Continue reading

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iPhones Apps for Japanese/Korean studies

In a recent post, I showed a screenshot of my iPhone, and I got some interested comments about the apps I use. So, I wanted to post a list of apps I regular use for Japanese and for Korean studies. … Continue reading

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All English All The Time? It works!

Recently I watched a great video by Sun Hyunwoo, who is the founder of TTMIK (talk to me in Korean) and a fellow language nerd (I mean that in a good way ).In this video, he talks about his experiences … Continue reading

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Walk the Walk

Recently, I found a funny blog post on Twitter (thanks to Khatz from AJATT) about the two ways to learn a foreign language, using Lord of the Rings as the example. For those not familiar, if you look on the … Continue reading

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Learning a Language, Taking a Chance

(Multitasking: at work, “studying” Korean) So as readers know, I’ve been studying Japanese for long while. I am not “fluent”, but I can get by OK. Not great, but I can carry a (sometimes awkward) conversation, or get my way … Continue reading

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Been feeling pretty jaded for a couple months now. I think this is also partly related to my recent post about not having any real accomplishments in my life. At first, I thought the problem was that I just needed … Continue reading

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“Space Brothers” coming to the big screen!

I was very excited to hear from my wife a while back that one of my favorite Japanese manga, 宇宙兄弟 (uchū kyōdai) or “Space Brothers” is coming to the big screen in Japan. When I was first looking for Japanese … Continue reading

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JLPT Care Package!

Having recently taken (and passed) the JLPT N2, I was very happy to receive a cars package from a certain reader. The package contained special-edition Kit-Kat candy from Japan: Notice the Mos Burger logo in the upper right, too. These … Continue reading

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2011 JLPT N2: 合格できた!

I am happy to report that I have passed the JLPT N2 exam. No one is more surprised than me. My score was as follows: Vocab: 45 / 60 Reading: 47 / 60 Listening: 38 / 60 Total: 130 / 180 I was surprised my … Continue reading

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