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The Madness of Learning Two Languages

This is kind of like part two of a post I wrote previously. As I continue to study 2 languages at once, I realized that I took on a big project doing this. Contrary to what some people might read … Continue reading

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Fun with Kids and Latin

My daughter is a language nerd like her father. She proudly counts to 20 in French at home, over and over again.1 She also likes to use Korean when we go to our local H-Mart store, and she likes to … Continue reading

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Yet another new hobby (sort of): Learning Latin

Because studying 2 languages wasn’t enough. Recently, my wife and I were thinking that it would be cool to teach our daughter Latin. Like her father, she likes languages1 and already knows Japanese and English. But also, learning Latin is … Continue reading

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Funny Spellings in Old Language

About the yeare of our Lord, 1554, a wenche who came from Glocester named Elizabeth Croft, about the age of eighteene yeares, stoode uppon a scaffolde at Poule’s Crosse all the sermon tyme, where shee confessed that she, being moved … Continue reading

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Good Advice in Latin

Something for a Friday, I think. I found in a book recently: Ut amēris, amēbilis estō! In order to be loved, be lovable! –Ovid, Ars Amãtõria, II, 107 Seems like good advice to me, in any language. People like to … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Numbers

While learning both Japanese and Korean, I have noticed an interesting tendency to have two different number systems: a “native” number system and a Chinese-imported one. In some contexts the native system is used, and in some contexts the Chinese-imported … Continue reading

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Language and Liturgy in Buddhism

I recently read an interesting article today on Yahoo News about the recently changed liturgy in the Roman Catholic Church and thought it was very interesting. In my younger years, I had a brief interest in Catholicism, sat in a … Continue reading

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The Life of a Soldier

A while back, I was reading Confucianism and Tokugawa Culture by Peter Nosco and other contributors, when it mentions this quotation from an lesser-known text from 16th century Japan (i.e. the Warring States Period), called the Asakura Sōteki (朝倉 宗滴): … Continue reading

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An Example of Rinzai Buddhist Liturgy

In April readers will no doubt recall my trip to Japan and in particular Kyoto/Nara which I hadn’t seen in five years. Among the many sites there we saw the Silver Pavilion, which is technically a temple of the Rinzai … Continue reading

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Language and memorization

More on the subject of language, as taught by that wise movie, Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”: Years ago I had a real strong interest in Latin and picked up an excellent introduction by Professor Peter Jones at a bookstore … Continue reading

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