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KPop Saturdays: 2NE1′s “Hate You”

Since I am in Japan, which is arguably the King of Animation, I was reminded of this song, which happens to be one of my favorite: This video is entirely animated by Korean artist Mari Kim and is one of … Continue reading

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KPop Saturday’s: Teen Top’s “To You”

This is a song by Teen Top that came out about two months ago and flew under the radar a bit, but I always thought this song was pretty catchy: Teen Top is a somewhat younger group, but I like … Continue reading

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KPop Saturdays: Wonder Girls “Like Money”

Another video in our recurring Saturday Kpop series is Wonder Girls‘ new video “Like Money” featuring Senegalese-American rapper Akon: The first thing I love about this video is the special effects. The girls are depicted as androids, completed with wires, … Continue reading

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PSY’s song for Korean Olympic team

Just a quick post, but I wanted to share another video by Psy, whom I mentioned in this post. He put together a video to cheer on the South Korean Olympic team here: I thought this video was pretty well-done, … Continue reading

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KPop Saturdays: Gangnam Style!

This new song and video by the venerable Psy has been quite the talk lately,1 and is hilarious to watch. It’s a bit naughty, but in a very tongue-in-cheek way: Quite different than the usual Pop music videos. For clarity, … Continue reading

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KPop Saturdays: Brown-Eyed Girls “One Summer Night” 한 여름밤의 꿈

I really thought this was a great video by Brown Eyed Girls, and a touching summer story: Brown Eyed Girls is a more mature group, and most of their songs are fierce (Sixth Sense), heart-breaking, and/or risqué (e.g. Abracadabra), but … Continue reading

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KPop Saturdays: Shinee’s “Sherlock”

This is another post in my sporadic KPop Saturday posts (haven’t actually done one in months).1 For this Saturday I wanted to post this one by SHINee from their live performance on KBS Music Bank: SHINee’s song “Sherlock” has been … Continue reading

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My First Interview

Hi all, I’ve been honored to have been interviewed by a reader recently on this blog. The interview is here. I don’t have a lot of juicy, interesting things to talk about, no secret children, no wild parties, or anything … Continue reading

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2NE1 is back in “I Love You”

Ah, the joys of time-zone differences. I was sitting late night studying Korean (TTMIK, I’m looking at you…), when I got an email from Youtube stating that 2NE1‘s new single was out, and here it is: For all you KPop … Continue reading

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Big Bang and 2NE1 on Japanese TV

Credit goes to my wife for finding these, but we like to watch Japanese TV on the Internet, and she knows a lot of TV shows I don’t. One show is called しゃべくり007 (shabekuri 007), which is a variety show … Continue reading

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