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Zelda, the Triforce and the Hojo Clan

This post is inspired by this recent post and also a recent visitor who delved into the same subject. Credit goes to “Sam” for this one. Back in spring 2010, I was treated to a nice tour of Ueno Park … Continue reading

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Metroid: The Post-it Version

Something I wanted to share, since I have been recently on a Nintendo nostalgia trip (with some Buddhism mixed-in). I work in a certain office in Seattle, and on a different floor, someone made this image out of post-it notes: … Continue reading

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Nintendo and Engrish

I completely forgot about this, until something in my last post triggered some old memories. When I was in high-school the Super Nintendo was very popular in the US. Among the games I frequently rented was Final Fantasy II, which … Continue reading

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Halloween fun with Final Fantasy I

As mentioned back in Blog 2.0 (my second blog, now gone), I love playing Final Fantasy I, the classic Nintendo NES game.* I also have a little tradition to play it on Halloween, particular to fight my way through the … Continue reading

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