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This is Tokyo.

Hi all, Last week, I met fellow blogger and photographer, “Cocomino” for lunch (my wife and daughter came too). We had a great time, and Cocomino kindly took us over to the Tokyo Metropolitan Office or tochō (都庁) for short. … Continue reading

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The Ladies Man, a retrospective

Back in the old blog, The Level 8 Buddhist, I used to have a running gag called the “Ladies Man”. A co-worker who was very good with photography would often take photos of me in embarrassing situations, and I would … Continue reading

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The Human Condition

Another photo post, from the same lunch that I mentioned previously: I wanted to post this sooner, but finally had the chance today. It felt more like a “Sunday” post, which is normally off-schedule, but I thought “why not?”. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Me, Summarized

I took this photo recently, while taking a day off from work. I spent the day around the University of Washington, my alma mater, enjoying 10 years worth of nostalgia before eating lunch at my favorite burger restaurant next to … Continue reading

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A Moonlit Night

On a recent evening, while taking out the trash, I took this photo of the moon. Being a cold Autumn evening in early December, I found the moon captivating: Which seemed to fit a certain poem from the Hyakunin Isshu … Continue reading

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After a recent snowfall here in Seattle, I thought this poem from the Hyakunin Isshu seemed fitting. 朝ぼらけ asaborake 有明の月と ariake no tsuki to みるまでに miru made ni 吉野の里に yoshino no sato ni ふれる白雪 fureru shirayuki Surely the morning moon, … Continue reading

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Ah, lovely autumn

Autumn is always my favorite season for its beautiful colors among other things: [17] 千早ぶる Chihayaburu 神代もきかず Kamiyo mo kikazu 龍田川 Tatsuta-gawa からくれないに Kara kurenai ni 水くくるとは Mizu kukuru to wa Which the good folks at the University of Virginia … Continue reading

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Zelda, the Triforce and the Hojo Clan

This post is inspired by this recent post and also a recent visitor who delved into the same subject. Credit goes to “Sam” for this one. Back in spring 2010, I was treated to a nice tour of Ueno Park … Continue reading

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Kanji Poster!

About a month ago, after consulting with my Better-Half, I decided to order the famous Kanji Wall Poster from White Rabbit Press:1 I ordered the version 1 poster, though now they have a slightly revised version for the new 2010 … Continue reading

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Metroid: The Post-it Version

Something I wanted to share, since I have been recently on a Nintendo nostalgia trip (with some Buddhism mixed-in). I work in a certain office in Seattle, and on a different floor, someone made this image out of post-it notes: … Continue reading

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