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My (mis)adventures in Ajikan Meditation

Recently, I was invited by reader and fellow blogger “Johnl” to attend a class on the Shingon meditation technique called ajikan (阿字観). This is a meditation technique in Shingon Buddhism that seems pretty similar to other, more familiar, forms of … Continue reading

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Another Excuse to Argue

I found this comic by XKCD recently and thought it was hilarious: When I first came to Buddhism in 2005-2006, there were many things I didn’t understand. So, I did what any nerd would do: I looked things up on … Continue reading

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The Madness of Learning Two Languages

This is kind of like part two of a post I wrote previously. As I continue to study 2 languages at once, I realized that I took on a big project doing this. Contrary to what some people might read … Continue reading

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Property, It’s All About Property

Recently I was watching my favorite war movie, The Thin Red Line, which you can see the trailer here (if you’ve never seen the movie before): Although it’s a war movie, the movie is more about humanity and why we … Continue reading

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Beginner Buddhist Part Nine: Buddhist Deities

I’ve been pretty busy these past weeks, but I am happy to report that I have finally finished making a video on Buddhist deities: This is not a complete overview, but shows a lot of the major Buddhist deities, their … Continue reading

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More Good Advice for Studying

Here’s more advice from Xunzi, which is a follow-up to my last post. I was surprised to see how popular that one was. Anyhow, this is from section 2: A thoroughbred can travel a thousand li in one day, yet … Continue reading

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Beginner Buddhism Part Eight: Example Home Service

Speaking of home services, I coincidentally uploaded another small video I made: This wasn’t what I originally planned for lesson eight, but decided to do this instead. Lesson nine will cover Buddhist deities. This was just a short, somewhat generic … Continue reading

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Nembutsu as Self-Reflection

From time to time, when life gets me really flustered or frustrated, or I am just frustrated with myself, I use my special rosary from Kamakura, and recite a full cycle (about 1080 times) of the nembutsu (the Buddha’s name). … Continue reading

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Beginner Buddhism Part 7: Conduct and the Precepts

Haven’t done one of these in a while, but I finally got it done: I am getting a little bit better at the video editing, but still need a lot of practice. Anyhow, this episode covers concepts such as the … Continue reading

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Japanese Buddhism in the Community

I was inspired by a couple stories from the Japan Times about Buddhist priests in Japan from a few weeks ago. But first a brief explanation of Buddhist clergy in Japan. Usually, the term “monk” in Buddhism or bhikkhu implies … Continue reading

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