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A Time For Retreat

Today I said goodbye to my wife and daughter who are going to Japan a week ahead of me (I have to stay behind for work, etc). As always, it’s hard to say goodbye to my daughter. She is a … Continue reading

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Typing Korean (and Japanese) in Linux

A while back, I wrote a post on typing Japanese in FreeBSD, but since I started learning the Korean language too, alongside Japanese, I decided to revisit the subject. The default method these days for inputting Japanese or Korean is … Continue reading

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Japanese Language, Buddhist Sutras and Ruby Programming

A while back, I talked about my efforts to get a full, liturgical version of the Amitabha Sutra, one of my favorite Buddhist texts, online with both Chinese characters and Japanese-romanized reading. Because the sutra is so long, it is … Continue reading

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A Good Day to be a System Administrator

(Warning: a nerdy post) I work as a systems engineer at the “Big Ol’ IT Company” (BOITC) and so I have to know the typical skills of a systems administrator/engineer: Linux/Unix administration – This includes more than just installing systems. … Continue reading

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Passed the RHCE, onto the JLPT!

I am happy to report that I managed to pass the RHCE exam for RHEL5 Linux this past Friday, after taking the test for a second time. Coworkers thought I was mad to take the test again just one month … Continue reading

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Web, Japanese and UTF8

Getting Japanese text to work on a webpage was something that came up recently at work, so I felt inspired to touch on the subject briefly. This piece is a bit more techinical than other posts, but on the other … Continue reading

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XV background how-to

I had a random conversation today with my co-workers about the ancient Unix program xv, when I later found an old email about how to use xv to change your background (single picture, centered in the middle): xv -root -rmode … Continue reading

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Strict ANSI C programming

So, as I continue my quest to be a better developer, and finally learn C at last, a co-worker pointed out something very important. For Linux (and probably BSD) developers, the obvious choice for a C compiler is gcc, but … Continue reading

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The life of a new C programmer

For the last few months, I’ve been striving to refresh old tech skills and maybe learn some new ones. I’ve been in the IT industry, first as a student, then full time since 1997. That’s not nearly as long as … Continue reading

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Perl and good modules to know

Perl, as a scripting language, is described as a “glue language”. It hasn’t had the benefit of a solid top-down design like similar languages (Python for example), but has been flexible and modular enough that people have added all kinds … Continue reading

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