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Japanese and American food: big differences

Here’s a picture of a meal I enjoyed with my family at a local Starbuck’s in Japan. I ordered my usual: iced soy latte and a cinnamon roll. I can get the same thing in Seattle or anywhere in the … Continue reading

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My (mis)adventures in Ajikan Meditation

Recently, I was invited by reader and fellow blogger “Johnl” to attend a class on the Shingon meditation technique called ajikan (阿字観). This is a meditation technique in Shingon Buddhism that seems pretty similar to other, more familiar, forms of … Continue reading

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If Only The Korean War Could Be Solved Like This

Recently, Keith over at Seoulistic did a nice write-up about how South Koreans deal with the constant threats and rhetoric from North Korea. In short, it’s no big deal (unlike American news reports), and is regularly ignored. Anyhow, at the … Continue reading

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This is Tokyo.

Hi all, Last week, I met fellow blogger and photographer, “Cocomino” for lunch (my wife and daughter came too). We had a great time, and Cocomino kindly took us over to the Tokyo Metropolitan Office or tochō (都庁) for short. … Continue reading

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Fireworks Shows in Japan: Hanabi Taikai

Hi guys, A while back, I posted about fireworks shows in Japan, or hanabi taikai (花火大会), but I usually go to Japan in December/January, so I never get to see them. Since I visited Japan in August this year, I … Continue reading

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What is Arirang?

The term Arirang (아리랑) is something I often hear in reference to Korean culture, but for a long time I wasn’t sure what it was. Finally, I did some research and it turns out to be a very famous folk-song: … Continue reading

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Space Brothers and other fun

As folks here may recall, I am a fan of a certain manga called Space Brothers in Japan. There’s no English translation, but I read in Japanese to help my own language learning. Anyhow, I was in the US when … Continue reading

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Dog Days of Summer… In Japan

Hi folks, I am here in Japan. We had a very crazy, stressful day leading up to the trip due to bad luck, plus some lack of preparation, but the flight over was quite good. We flew with ANA this … Continue reading

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Teaching Japanese Poetry to Kids

My daughter is now five years old and she attends a couple different preschools. One is American while the other is Japanese. Also, she attends a little “after school” Japanese class where she learns things like reading, culture and so … Continue reading

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Nuclear Weapons Are No Joke

Hi all, On a more serious matter, August 6th is the memorial for the Hiroshima atomic bombing, and August 8th is the memorial for the Nagasaki. Because of the timezone differences, my wife, daughter and I watched the memorial for … Continue reading

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