KPop 가요

Flag of South Korea

The Korean Pop Culture Wave, or Hallyu (한류), that has recently swept the world has reached this blog and its writer too. :) I am a bit older than most Hallyu fans, but after listening to years and years of American and being bored, I was totally blown away by the recent generation of fresh, raw talent coming out of South Korea, and couldn’t resist.

I grew up with a lot of Korean-immigrant friends as a kid and as a teenager, so I had some familiarity with Korean culture, but that was back in the 80′s and 90′s when South Korea was still relatively unknown. There was a lot I didn’t know or understand back then. Now, a little older and wiser I have a renewed appreciation for Korea and technology has also helped make the world a smaller place, so now Korean culture has now suddenly taken center-stage.

I have a soft-spot for underdogs, and Korea has historically been an underdog compared to its neighbors, so I am thrilled to see them succeed and flourish.

But I enjoy KPop (Korean Pop) not out of sympathy. I genuinely enjoy the sudden explosion of talent, music and personalities that have emerged in such a short time. Like all things, it won’t last forever, but I hope to ride the wave as long as I can. :) There’s a lot of good music in the world (I like JPop too), but somehow KPop has really exploded lately, and I am happy to see something new and fresh like this.

This page is first-stop in exploring various aspects of KPop, and I hope to add more articles and fan pages as time goes on. There are much better websites out there dedicated to KPop, so this is just one man’s humble fan page. And if you like KPop and a little humor you might also like That Kpop Moment.

Among my favorite groups at the moment (sub-pages linked):

  • Sistar – I love their soulful, R&B style and their individual talents. Another fine addition to the KPop.
  • 2NE1 – I love their strong, individual style and the way their voices harmonize with each other. I love strong women too, I guess. :)
  • Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – I love watching SNSD videos because the level of coordination and balance between the members is just so awesome.
  • Big Bang – Probably the most well-known of any KPop and well-deserved. They set the gold standard other groups still strive for. They are another YG Entertainment group like 2NE1.
  • Super Junior – Like SNSD (both SM Entertainment), Super Junior combines a wide array of guys in an awesome level of coordination, dancing and style. I love “Mr. Simple” and listen to it too much.

한국 화이팅!

2 Responses to KPop 가요

  1. Park Yui says:

    I do love them too…They’re awesome… :)

  2. Doug 陀愚 says:

    Always happy to meet another fan. :-)

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