Sistar 씨스타

Sistar promotional photo 2012

Sistar from left to right: Soyu, Bora, Hyorin and Dasom.

Sistar dressed in traditional hanbok

Sister dressed in traditional “hanbok” for Korean New Year’s. From left to right: Soyu, Bora, Hyorin and Dasom.

Another KPop group that I’ve taken quite an interest in lately is a relative newcomer (as of writing): Sistar (씨스타)

Sistar is a rookie girl group, but fills a somewhat different niche than other KPop girl groups because they have a much more soulful, less “cute” sound. You can see this in their recent video, “Alone”:

and in the song “Ma Boy”, featuring Hyorin and Bora:

Three things I really like about Sistar:

  • The strong, soulful sound mentioned above.
  • The members are more curvy Asian women, which I find a lot more attractive than skinny girls.
  • They rap well, and it fits the music just right (I feel the same way about CL in 2NE1).

The members are:

  • Hyorin – the lead vocal. I really think she, along with Bom in 2NE1, are among the best singers in the industry. She’s also very good with the camera without being “fake”.
  • Bora – the lead rapper and dancer. Bora and Hyorin make a good pair together I think (as shown above) both in terms of looks and style.
  • Soyu – another strong vocal in the group, I like her look as well as her voice.
  • Dasom – as the maknae (막내) or the youngest member, she’s very sweet, but as a recent interview with Eat Your Kimchi shows, she speaks great English and is pretty intelligent. As with Soyu, I also like her look because it’s distinct. Add to this a great voice and stage presence and she’s got a bright future ahead of her. :)

All four members are fantastic and if you agree, show them your support. Sistar is a new group in KPop that is helping to break certain trends and stereotypes, and I am always happy to see a little diversity. :)

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