Part 3: Technical Japanese I wish I had known sooner

Previous episodes can be found here and here. In this episode, I just wanted to pass along a few more words that I learned recently that I think are useful (in no particular order):

  • 回線, kaisen – A network circuit (private WAN circuit). Useful when dealing with large-scale networking issues. :)
  • 戻す, modosu – To return, put back, recover. In computing, this is useful when explaining that you’ve restored or rolled back a service back to it’s original setup.
  • 復旧, fukkyū – Restore, recovery. This is useful when explaining that a service is back up (from a previous outage). In other words, it’s back up.
  • 変更, henkō – Change, modification (add する to make it into a verb). Useful in a computing context, as you can imagine.
  • 添付, tenpu – File attachment (to email?)
  • 削除, sakujo – Deletion, remove, but is also the DEL key on a Japanese keyboard. Pretty useful if you’re using one for the first time. ;)
  • 通話, tsūwa – Telephone call, or a counter for telephone conversations. Not technical, but useful in an office setting (if you’re using a Japanese phone).

For the first three at least, I can vouch the usage is correct based on advice from native speakers, the next four are ones I am pretty sure about, but haven’t confirmed with native speakers yet. Anyways, try them out, and good luck in your computing over in Japan! :)

Namu Kanzeon Bosatsu

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