JLPT: New Specifications Online

Having just finished taking the JLPT 3 recently, I was eager to begin studying for the level 2 exam next year (or the year after), when my fellow blogger ロバート over at Shiawase UK had a great write-up on the new test specifications for 2010. I think he did a nice job of reviewing the specs and picking out what affects test takers. I agree with his assessment that the test changes are much needed and will give a new modern look to the JLPT, though will cause confusion for a year or two.

Since I already went and purchased materials for the JLPT 2, I have no intention of stopping now. :)

The way I figure it, Japanese is just one language, and if you’re serious about learning the language, you will learn from whatever sources are available and will motivate you. So, even if the JLPT2 material isn’t entirely accurate to the test anymore, if you practice and internalize the material, and apply it to real life, then your language skills will improve and that will reflect on your test taking, and your interaction with native speakers (which is the whole point afterall ;) ). Depending on how well I can absorb material, I may sign up for N3 instead of N2 this year, and if that goes well, take the N2 the following year. Or, I may just go for the N2 this year and accept that the test will probably teach me a few things. ;)

So, if you’re looking at the new JLPT test specs, and wondering what you should do, I think this is a good opportunity to evaluate priorities, and what your goals are. Then you can adjust accordingly. Investing time in a language is always a good investment, but the sometimes the results may not appear right away. Given enough time though, you will see the fruits of your labor.

Good luck!

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