JLPT Roundup, March 2010

Doing a double-post today (second one coming later), as I have no real updates from the previous month’s JLPT check-in. Still reading a lot of manga and listening to Japanese lessons. My Anki vocabulary list is also swelling into the 2,000, which is still far short of the 5,000 vocab words nominally used in the N2 test.

At this point, I am pretty certain I will take the N3 this year, especially as I have other non-related courses and certification tests I am trying accomplish this year. :)

April should be quiet as well, since I will be in Japan most of that month, but by the second half of the year, I should have most other things cleared out and will be in a better position to prepare for the JLPT. For now, it’s just a matter of sharpening the skills a little bit each day before I really bear down.

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