Happy Father’s Day 2010

My little girl, with help from Mommy, made this mug for me last weekend in our Buddhist “Sunday School” class for toddlers (caption written by Mommy):

Father's Day Mug

This right here is why being a parent is worth it. It’s been a hard 3.5 years, but when you see your little girl make a drawing of her favorite Disney Character for you, because she wants to share with you something she likes, it’s so cool. The picture smudged a little, which is my fault. Since the marker used isn’t staying on the cup, I won’t be using it actively to drink, but it sits on my desk at work as a happy reminder. :)

For all you dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!

P.S. Posted this a day early to catch all the dads in Asia and EU who might read this. The Pacific Time Zone lags a bit for some blog readers ;) .

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