Ah, lovely autumn

Autumn Leaves

Autumn is always my favorite season for its beautiful colors among other things:

[17] 千早ぶる Chihayaburu
神代もきかず Kamiyo mo kikazu
龍田川 Tatsuta-gawa
からくれないに Kara kurenai ni
水くくるとは Mizu kukuru to wa

Which the good folks at the University of Virginia translate as:

Even when the gods
Held sway in the ancient days,
I have never heard
That water gleamed with autumn red
As it does in Tatta’s stream


P.S. Taken one sunny day near work a week ago.

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2 Comments on “Ah, lovely autumn”

  1. Not to mention ‘shokuyoku no aki’. :D

  2. Doug M says:

    Hello and welcome to the JLR! Yes, I can’t help but agree. I love kabocha among other things. :)

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