After a recent snowfall here in Seattle, I thought this poem from the Hyakunin Isshu seemed fitting. :)

Snow 2

朝ぼらけ asaborake
有明の月と ariake no tsuki to
みるまでに miru made ni
吉野の里に yoshino no sato ni
ふれる白雪 fureru shirayuki

Surely the morning moon, I thought,
Has bathed the hill in light
But, no; I see it is the snow
That, falling in the night,
Has made Yoshino white.
(From the 1909 Porter translation)

The photo, taken from my iPhone, is blurry and poorly lit, but I felt it fit the scene too. Being stuck at home for a couple days made us all a little stir-crazy, but it was nice to get out and walk around with my wife and daughter who had never seen snow before. In the end, it was a nice snowfall to remember. :)

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4 Comments on “Snowfall”

  1. yrene yuhmi says:

    So pretty photography and so pretty poem :D I love it!!! thank you so much and Merry Xmas ^_^

  2. Doug M says:

    Glad you enjoyed and Merry Xmas to you too. :)

  3. johnl says:

    Snow is considered to be one of the three great beauties of nature, namely snow, moon and flowers 雪月花 pronounced ‘setsu gekka.’ It seems that the surprising element of discovering a new snowfall is a common theme. There is a famous song 黒髪 or ‘black hair’ about a woman who mourns being alone as her beautiful black hair has turned white with age–and a parallel as she wakes to discover snow has accumulated during the night.

  4. Doug M says:

    雪月花, eh? I could totally believe it. A big, big chunk of the Hyakunin Isshu is of poetry that uses one or more of these images, usually to express the pains of love or some other cliche. But very nice “cliches” though. :D

    Your comment about the “black hair” song reminds me of this post a few weeks back, which is very similar.

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