Post 1000

It’s Monday and this is post #1000 in the blog. It’s a bit of a half-truth because some posts were imported from the old “Level 8 Buddhist” blog, and I deleted a few posts over time that I just didn’t like too. But currently this is my 1000th post.

So, I decided to take a break today and just post this picture my daughter drew last week:

Mommy as a ballerina

This is a picture of Mommy if she were a ballerina. The “tutu” is the circle around Mommy’s legs. I don’t know why my daughter thinks mommy is a ballerina, but that’s ok. The picture is very cute so we hung it up on the “art gallery” wall in the hallway.

P.S. Accidentally released this a few days too early, for anyone who noticed. :p

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