Baby’s first cavity

My wife and daughter are still in Japan for another month, but they took the opportunity to go take Baby (now 2 years old) to the dentist for a checkup. Turns out she had a cavity. Oh no! The cavity was not too deep, so they could fill it in right there, but they had to wrap her in a blanket to keep her from flailing, and someone had to hold her down. My wife said over the phone that Baby was crying and pretty scared from the noise of the drill, which is hard to hear if you’re a parent. The good news is that the cavity was not deep at all, so it doesn’t require much work, and I could hear Baby playing in the background while talking on the phone, so she’s fine now.

The doctor told us the baby’s have pretty weak teeth, and since she had been breastfeeding nightly for 2 years* before going to bed, that seemed to be one of the main culprits. The sugar from the breastmilk would sit on the teeth all night, in other words. We helped her brush her teeth nightly as a routine since she was pretty young, but the nightly breastfeeding came after that, hence the problem.

Anyways, I am glad she’s well now, and we caught the cavity early. The lesson here is: take your kids to the dentist routinely!


P.S. One nice thing about Japan is that the children dental services, among other things, are mostly subsidized by the government, so it’s very cheap to go to the dentist there.

* – Baby weaned off the breastfeeding while in Japan, so that’s no longer an issue. :)

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