Part 2: Technical Japanese I wish I had known sooner

This is part two of what might be an ongoing series. As I mentioned in the last post, while studying Japanese on I have been learning technical Japanese more and more, which is helpful for someone like me in the IT industry.* So here’s some helpful Japanese technical words to pass on.

The first of course, is the IT industry itself, or aitii kankei (IT 関係). If someone asks what you do for work, in Japan it’s oftentimes hard to explain, so you can get by with saying that you work in the IT industry, as in aitii kankei desu, or aitii kankei de gozaimasu if being extra respectful and polite to whomever asked.

Now on to actual computer terms:

  • deita (データ) – data
  • shōkyo suru (消去する) – to erase or purge (incl. data). This is used a lot when talking about computer files or documents.
  • honzon suru (保存する) – to save, preserve or maintain. This is the opposite of erasing something. If you want to save your Word document, this is the word for it.
  • tojiru (閉じる) – to close (a window on your screen). This is a general word for “close”, but can also be used for comptuers.

That’s it for now. These are helpful words to know when manipulating files on a computer in Japanese. Hope this helps. :)


* – Or fixing in-laws computers when you’re visiting Japan. No joke, I spent a while on a Mac this last trip helping my in-laws get setup on Skype. The Japanese version of Mac menus is really different, and things are moved around in totally different places, so I did a lot trial and error. Then I later discovered that Macs are fully multi-lingual, so I could have just set it to “English” and used that, then set back to Japanese later.

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