“Space Brothers” coming to the big screen!

I was very excited to hear from my wife a while back that one of my favorite Japanese manga, 宇宙兄弟 (uchū kyōdai) or “Space Brothers” is coming to the big screen in Japan.

When I was first looking for Japanese reading material for study, I picked up a copy of the first issue because it was the 2nd highest rates comic of 2010, so you know it’s well-written, and was a story about Astronomy. The 1st rated book by the way was geared more for female audiences. ;-p

Anyway it’s a great story about two brothers who love space since they were kids and together make a vow to become astronauts. However while one grew up and achieved his dream (Hibito, 日々人) while the other brother (Mutta, 六太) ended up working unsatisfactory office jobs until one day he gives his boss a head-butt and loses his job. Now unemployed, Mutta decides to follow his younger brother’s footsteps and become an astronaut, remembering their child-hood promise the two made.

The manga covers the story of both brothers but focuses on Mutta’s efforts to pass the screening process, deal with other competitors, and his crush on Serika another candidate. The manga series explores a lot of adult themes and is by and large very positive unlike other manga in the market. It also explores a lot of science topics and how contemporary Astronauts train for outer space. No wonder it was so highly rated. As for me, it’s rekindled an interest in astronauts and all the hard work and training they put into their career. Twitter has a nice feed for NASA Astronauts as well, which I follow. This also includes astronauts from JAXA as well, which is the NASA equivalent in Japan.

Anyway, since I don’t live in Japan, and only visit a brief time each year, I won’t get to see it, but I do plan to get the DVD online when it’s sold.

If you do live in Japan, I hope you get a chance to see the movie, but hopefully after you read the manga first. I’d love to hear your review. :)

P.S. A shout-out to any Astronauts reading this. You guys are awesome and a credit to Humanity. :-)

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A Buddhist, Father and Japanophile / Koreaphile.
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5 Responses to “Space Brothers” coming to the big screen!

  1. I am a huge fan of Oguri Shun, so naturally I am very excited to see Uchuu Kyoudai. Haven’t read the manga, but I might have to now :)

  2. My girlfriend is a HUGE fan of 宇宙兄弟. Doubly so because she is studying to work at JAXA. Have you been following the Anime as well?

    If you need any help with your Japanese studies, let me know. I’d be happy to help :D !

  3. Doug 陀愚 says:

    Hi guys,

    Ashley: As far as I know, the manga is only in Japanese (it’s been a learning curve for me, but useful for the JLPT) but if you can read, I totally recommend it. :)

    Justin: Welcome to the JKLLR! Good ot know there are other fans out there. I wasn’t aware there was anime for it, but that’s good to know.

  4. Luis Armando Díaz Gonzalez says:

    Hello you can watch this animation at crunchyroll.com with or without subtitles.

  5. Doug 陀愚 says:

    Hi Luis Armando Diaz Gonzalez and welcome to the JKLLR! I have tried out crunchyroll.com briefly in the past, but decided not to use it anymore.

    To be honest, I watch almost no anime, and now that I have kids, I watch even less. :)

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