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Electric Death

I pass by this electricity panel everyday on the way to work here in Dublin: This can be found right next to the city hall building, and it’s definitely legitimate, based on the ESB logo (Electric Supply Board) as far … Continue reading

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Random Photos of Dublin

I have taken a few photos lately on my mobile phone of things in and around Dublin, I thought you’d enjoy. This first picture was taken one morning when I had to come to work very early. I pass by … Continue reading

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Finished at last

Since coming to Ireland, I mentioned in the past that I’ve been more inspired these to do writing outside the blog. I didn’t really elaborate much on this, because I wasn’t sure where I would go with that writing. In … Continue reading

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Don’t take yourself so seriously!

The more ripe a cluster of rice becomes, the lower it bows down its head. — A Japanese proverb The Buddha taught that ego is the root of our problems. Ego extends from the illusion that we have a permanent, … Continue reading

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Wow, this brings back memories

I haven’t watched the Super Mario Brothers Super Show since I was twelve years old: Watching this brings back a lot of happy memories. I grew up in the Golden Age of Nintendo, and was a die-hard fan of that … Continue reading

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Sowing the seeds of karma

Earth-son, I greet you by the twenty-seven Names that still remain, praying the while that you have cast more jewels into the darkness and given them to glow with the colors of life. –Roger Zelazny’s Isle of the Dead A … Continue reading

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Adventures in zazen meditation

Recently I had finished reading Steve Hagen’s book, Buddhism Plain and Simple, which is a book about Buddhism from the perspective of Sōtō Zen. The book had its strengths and weaknesses. The biggest weakness I felt was his implied belief … Continue reading

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Baby on a journey

This was one of those nights that reminds you how fun it is to be a parent. A couple nights ago, Mommy went to bed early as she was very tired, so Baby and I were just hanging out in … Continue reading

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Buddhism and Peace

“May there be peace in the world, and may the Buddha’s teaching spread!” –Shinran, Collected Letters One of the things that have already impressed me with Shinran’s approach to Buddhism was his humility and goodwill. He is famous for writing … Continue reading

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Shin Buddhism and Naturalness

In Zen Buddhism, you often hear and learn about letting go of preconceived notions, of labels, calculating, and the contrived self-effort. Much of this can also be found in Shin Buddhism, or Jodo Shinshu, even though the language may be … Continue reading

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