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Where is the Pure Land: an amateur Astronomer’s guess

A map of the universe depicting clusters of galaxies. Not stars, galaxies! A while back, I bought a small bilingual book in Japan called Talking about Buddhism, 英語で話す「仏教」 which was a nice, easy read on Japanese Buddhism. I like it … Continue reading

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Language and Liturgy in Buddhism

I recently read an interesting article today on Yahoo News about the recently changed liturgy in the Roman Catholic Church and thought it was very interesting. In my younger years, I had a brief interest in Catholicism, sat in a … Continue reading

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Making International Marriages Work, Some Advice

This is something I’ve often wanted to post about but hesitated until recently. I met my wife in 1998 in college here in Seattle and we got married six years later and now have one daughter. Like all relationships, we … Continue reading

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Something Nice for a Saturday Afternoon

Recently I mentioned a certain Japanese group I like, Kanjani Eight, but unlike other groups I post about, I can’t find a good video on Youtube to share with people.1 I was lucky to find this one: This is one … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Bodhi Day

As phenomena grow clear to the brahman — ardent, absorbed — he [the Buddha] stands, routing the troops of Mara [illusion], like the sun that illumines the sky. –Ud 1.3 [Pali Canon] With Thanksgiving done, and people still digesting food, … Continue reading

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I’m sick. Some kind of cold or flu I guess but it’s not fun of course. My wife gave me a face mask which I am wearing here. It’s much too small and is pink. :-p Actually it was for … Continue reading

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Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Wow, I recently found out about this song and video by the provocative Korean group, Brown Eye Girls (mentioned here as well), and I had to share it. The song, Cleansing Cream, is quite an inspired piece of cinematography, but … Continue reading

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Go, Anpanman, Go!

Since my daughter was about 2 years old, she became a fan of Anpanman. Anpanman is a famous cartoon character that has been around for decades, and Japanese people of many ages know who he is, and know the theme … Continue reading

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Buddhist Sabbath, American Style!

Buddhist practice is a subject that interests many Buddhist converts a lot. Afterall, you’ve converted so now what do you do? I’ve been Buddhist off and on since I was 16, but I only took it seriously since 2005, and … Continue reading

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Geography and History according to my 4 year old

My daughter, like all 4 year-olds, says very silly things. She has very interesting ideas about things like history, geography and so on. Recently, we were looking at a map, and I showed her where Japan is, since her grandparents … Continue reading

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