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Fortune-mod manpage

I found this very amusing and had to pass it along. This comes from the manpage of the Linux version of the fortune-mod program: The supplied fortune databases have been attacked, in order to correct orthographical and grammatical errors, and … Continue reading

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Cool Buddhist comic

Tatsuya Ishida, author of “Sinfest” webcomic, published another great one this Sunday: I really liked Sunday’s comic because it conveyed a few things in my opinion: Beyond all the Buddhist rhetoric, the basic teaching surrounding a Bodhisattva or Buddha is … Continue reading

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Update: Ireland Move

Hi all, In the old blog, I mentioned that my company is transferring me and the family to Dublin, Ireland for a year (renewable up to two years). However, I haven’t been able to provide many updates since because I’ve … Continue reading

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Our Buddhist Altar

I had similar posts on the old blog, but decided to post again but this time as a summary of the old posts. Part of Buddhism as a religion is the building of a devotional altar. People who like to … Continue reading

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Third time’s a charm

Demon: “So why do you consider my presence a pollution, a disease? Is it because there is that within you which is like unto myself? …If so, I mock you in your weakness, Binder.” Sam: “It is because I am … Continue reading

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Irish is the hard!

Being a nerd* for languages, I felt that I should brush up on Irish Gaelic, or Irish as the locals call it, in preparation for my business trip to Dublin. It’s not that I really need to know it, but … Continue reading

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Uposatha: Take 3

I really am a glutton for punishment. I decided to try and observe the Eight Precepts on Uposatha, the Buddhist sabbath, again. I’ve tried this two other times, and it went like so: First attempt: I made it through, but … Continue reading

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Awakened Conscious

You have learned a thing called guilt, and it will ever fall as a shadow across your meat and your drink. This is why your pleasure has been broken. This is why you seek now to flee. But it will … Continue reading

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Buddha-nature and Shin Buddhism

Warning: Long post, but hopefully interesting. Jodo Shinshu, or “Shin”, Buddhism is unusual among Mahayana Buddhist sects in that it denies the notion of Buddha-nature in the conventional sense. Buddha-nature is a term that gets used a lot in Buddhism, … Continue reading

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The 10 Precepts of Shingon Buddhism

Note: This is not to be confused with the 10 Precepts of Theravada Buddhism. Again, this is kind of a reference post, but in Shingon Buddhism, there are ten “precepts” followers are encouraged to follow called the jūzenkai (十善戒): I … Continue reading

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