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If Only The Korean War Could Be Solved Like This

Recently, Keith over at Seoulistic did a nice write-up about how South Koreans deal with the constant threats and rhetoric from North Korea. In short, it’s no big deal (unlike American news reports), and is regularly ignored. Anyhow, at the … Continue reading

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KPop Saturdays: 2NE1′s “Hate You”

Since I am in Japan, which is arguably the King of Animation, I was reminded of this song, which happens to be one of my favorite: This video is entirely animated by Korean artist Mari Kim and is one of … Continue reading

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KPop Saturday’s: Teen Top’s “To You”

This is a song by Teen Top that came out about two months ago and flew under the radar a bit, but I always thought this song was pretty catchy: Teen Top is a somewhat younger group, but I like … Continue reading

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What is Arirang?

The term Arirang (아리랑) is something I often hear in reference to Korean culture, but for a long time I wasn’t sure what it was. Finally, I did some research and it turns out to be a very famous folk-song: … Continue reading

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KPop Saturdays: Wonder Girls “Like Money”

Another video in our recurring Saturday Kpop series is Wonder Girls‘ new video “Like Money” featuring Senegalese-American rapper Akon: The first thing I love about this video is the special effects. The girls are depicted as androids, completed with wires, … Continue reading

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PSY’s song for Korean Olympic team

Just a quick post, but I wanted to share another video by Psy, whom I mentioned in this post. He put together a video to cheer on the South Korean Olympic team here: I thought this video was pretty well-done, … Continue reading

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KPop Saturdays: Gangnam Style!

This new song and video by the venerable Psy has been quite the talk lately,1 and is hilarious to watch. It’s a bit naughty, but in a very tongue-in-cheek way: Quite different than the usual Pop music videos. For clarity, … Continue reading

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KPop Saturdays: Brown-Eyed Girls “One Summer Night” 한 여름밤의 꿈

I really thought this was a great video by Brown Eyed Girls, and a touching summer story: Brown Eyed Girls is a more mature group, and most of their songs are fierce (Sixth Sense), heart-breaking, and/or risqué (e.g. Abracadabra), but … Continue reading

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KPop Saturdays: Shinee’s “Sherlock”

This is another post in my sporadic KPop Saturday posts (haven’t actually done one in months).1 For this Saturday I wanted to post this one by SHINee from their live performance on KBS Music Bank: SHINee’s song “Sherlock” has been … Continue reading

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My First Interview

Hi all, I’ve been honored to have been interviewed by a reader recently on this blog. The interview is here. I don’t have a lot of juicy, interesting things to talk about, no secret children, no wild parties, or anything … Continue reading

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