KPop Saturdays: Shinee’s “Sherlock”

This is another post in my sporadic KPop Saturday posts (haven’t actually done one in months).1

For this Saturday I wanted to post this one by SHINee from their live performance on KBS Music Bank:

SHINee’s song “Sherlock” has been out for about half a year, and I didn’t really like the video that much, but I really thought they gave a great performance here.2 That’s why this is so late. This song also spawned the Internet meme “Soy un Dorito” (I am a Dorito in Spanish) where Taemin says the phrase 소용돌이쳐 (so yong dolicheo) which comes from the Korean verb 소용돌이치다 (to swirl, to be turbulent like a whirlpool). Now you know. ;)


1 Kind of been busy, mostly just trying to keep the blog going and avoid stupid posts. Finally had some time recently to plan out blog posts again. :)

2 Some groups seem to perform better live than they do in the videos (blame production), while some groups look great in videos but aren’t so strong live. Or so it seems to me.

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