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KPop Saturdays: Big Bang’s “Monster”

Usually I try to avoid posting KPop songs that are reviewed by Eat Your Kimchi, because they do a much better job at it anyway.1 But, I just really like this song. I was reminded of it, because one of … Continue reading

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Japanese Language, Buddhist Sutras and Ruby Programming

A while back, I talked about my efforts to get a full, liturgical version of the Amitabha Sutra, one of my favorite Buddhist texts, online with both Chinese characters and Japanese-romanized reading. Because the sutra is so long, it is … Continue reading

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Hello all, The New Year in Japan has had some ups and downs. The New Year’s Eve plans mentioned in the last post didn’t happen as the little one came down with the flu on her birthday and spent the … Continue reading

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Thanks Everyone and Happy Holidays!

Today is Christmas Morning over here, but with my wife and daughter over in Japan, and me working a lot of on-call shifts at work, I am not really doing much. I spent the morning, before my shift, cruising around … Continue reading

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