Big Bang 빅뱅

Big Bang group in 2011

A promotional photo for their 4th album from early 2011. From left to right: Seungri, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung, and T.O.P. Official Homepage

One of the most well-known KPop groups is Big Bang. Big Bang has distinguished themselves from KPop overall with a very fresh RNB sound and has earned the distinction of 1 of only 2 groups outside North America to win Best Worldwide Act Award for MTV Europe in 2011.

I am a relative late comer to Big Bang, but after their latest album “Alive”, I’ve been greatly impressed with their combinatino of style and personality. Each member of teh group has their individual style, but they harmonize well and no one “hogs” the camera so to speak.

Among the latest hits, I enjoy “Bad Boy” quite a bit:

But you can see their range of talent as well in the more mellow hit “Blue”:

The members of Big Bang are:

  • G-Dragon – He is very artistic and can pull off fashions and styles that others wouldn’t succeed with. Not to mention he invents new looks all the time. An artist par excellence. He is one of the lead rappers and teams up with T.O.P. on duos as well.
  • Taeyang – He is one of the lead singers and dancers of Big Bang and brings a lot of energy and style. I like him in “Bad Boy” the most, but other songs as well.
  • T.O.P. – T.O.P. appears in a lot of dramas and acting bits, and has a very distinct voice that lends itself to reggae and other things. I consider him one of my favorite members.
  • Daesung – He is another lead singer in Big Bang and has an excellent, deep voice. His new blonde look is also very cool. When you hear him sing live (e.g. “Fantastic Baby”, wow he can really sing!
  • Seungri – Seungri has a more gentle voice, that lends itself very well to songs like “Blue” which he was very prominent on. Seungri’s style is more subdued, which I like, plus he is a fellow language-buff like me. :)

So that’s a brief introduction to Big Bang. Check out the videos, and other related videos online. If you like them, show the your support. :)

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