Fireworks Shows in Japan: Hanabi Taikai

Hi guys,

A while back, I posted about fireworks shows in Japan, or hanabi taikai (花火大会), but I usually go to Japan in December/January, so I never get to see them.

Since I visited Japan in August this year, I finally got to see a fireworks show. My wife’s family lives in Kawasaki City, so we went to the local show at the banks of the Tamagawa River. We got there around sunset, and as you can see, it was very crowded already:

Fireworks Show in Japan

Soon the sun set, and the show began:

This video is part of the beginning. It was shot on my iPhone, so it’s shaky, and I edited most of it out, because we were talking so much. Anyhow, as time went on, the show got bigger and more dramatic. There were fireworks shaped like smiley-faces, Doraemon (cartoon character) and so on. The fireworks were really gorgeous.

I grew up watching fireworks shows in Seattle for the 4th of July, but overall I thought this show was even bigger and better. After a hot, muggy day, the weather at night was really comfortable, as we sat on our picnic blankets and ate snacks. Plus, I got to see old friends in Japan I hadn’t seen in a long time, and the kids had really grown up.

It was a great summer night. :)

P.S. Accidentally posted an empty draft a couple days ago.

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