2NE1 투애니원

2NE1 promotional photo

2NE1 from left to right: Dara, Bom, CL and Minzy

As I explore KPop more, I find that there’s quite a bit of variety. I was first introduced to KPop via Girls’ Generation who excel with a good balance of singing and coordinated dancing. However, I also grew to like another group named 2NE1 even more than Girls’ Generation. Compared to other KPop groups I’ve seen, 2NE1 in particular really excels with their individual personalities, and their sense of style. The girls themselves have stated that they each do their own style, so they’re expressing their individual personalities in the process.

I really admire 2NE1′s strength as women, their genuine musical talent and their appreciation toward fans (“Blackjacks” as they’re called) even with their hectic schedule. I often watch their show 2NE1 TV on Youtube (sometimes I also watch the episodes without subtitles), which helps me learn Korean language, but also helps me appreciate the hard work they do, but also they work hard to connect with fans too.

Plus I enjoy the variety of their songs and videos. The first time I saw the video “I Am the Best”:

…I thought this video was really strange, but their style and singing were so awesome, and soon I came back for more. Then I saw other hits like “Lonely”:

and the earlier “Clap Your Hands”:

…and I realized that 2NE1 had a tremendous combination of style and talent. That they have won MTV awards too isn’t very surprising. :)

The members are as follows:

  • CL: She is leader of the band and has a “tough girl” personality. Because she lived in the US for a while, she is a native speaker of English and frequently raps in it. However she also lived in Japan for a few years in an International School, and can speak Japanese well, among other languages. She is fierce on stage, but off stage, she is very gentle in interviews. I like her versatility in videos and the different roles she plays.
  • Bom: My favorite member. She is the most “girly” member on stage, and has an excellent voice that reminds me of some American singers I grew up listening too (coincidentally she lived in the US in her youth too). She is quiet, confident, feminine and a singer par excellence. One 2NE1 TV, I like her tough personality, but also determination in the face of many adversities in her life.
  • Dara: Dara is another strong singer, and has a softer, but equally lovely voice. Dara’s style is creative, artistic, cute and clever. Also, because she grew up in the Philippines as a Korean immigrant, she has a strong following there, among other places. On 2NE1′s show on YouTube (2NE1), she has such a sweet and genuine personality too. I respect her a lot.
  • Minzy: Minzy is much younger than Bom and Dara, but she balances the group by bringing some excellent dance moves, and a fierce, husky singing voice. On 2NE1 TV, she’s still very much a kid, but on stage, she’s totally professional, has an excellent sense of style too and brings a lot of energy.

So that’s a brief look at 2NE1. Check out the Youtube videos, and enjoy. If you’d like to see more, check out their homepage and become a Blackjack too. :)

3 Responses to 2NE1 투애니원

  1. The Waiting says:

    I love 2NE1! so glad they’re getting some exposure Stateside.

  2. Doug 陀愚 says:

    Thanks very much! It’s why I even wrote this page. They’re an awesome group and deserve recognition. :-)

  3. Park Yui says:

    “It’s Hurt” and “Can’t Nobody” is my favorite MVs…
    Their style are totally awesome and extra-ordinary…

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